The Problem

Many high school proms do not allow LGBTQ couples to attend together or to go at all. Many students don't attend because they don't feel safe or welcome. This problem has existed for decades and continues to affect generation after generation. We seek to better the environment in our schools which currently have no protections for LGBTQ students and actively discriminate against them.

Plan of Action

We host an annual Pride Prom to allow all people to attend a prom in which they are safe and welcome. It is open to people of all schools and communities, and we celebrate all sexual orientations and gender identities. It is open to all ages, to allow those who missed their proms to make up for lost times. In 2012, over 750 people attended, making it the largest prom in our area. We want to continue to grow and to change the culture of our area, making it safer for LGBTQ youth.

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