PRIDE Youth Programs

The Problem

PRIDE (Parents' Resource Institute for Drug Education) is an organization that promotes drug prevention and leadership. It started as an adult program, but then expanded to serve youth as well. PRIDE hosts the largest drug and violence prevention conference every year for youth. Through dance, singing, acting, and public-speaking, PRIDE reaches out to an audience from kindergarten all the way to college and beyond with the many groups for kids of all ages to join like PRIDE Pals (K-4), Club PRIDE (Junior High), and America's PRIDE (High School and College). There are 4 pillars to PRIDE-Drug Education, Community Outreach, Community Service, and Drug-Free Activities which each PRIDE teams strives to follow. There are tons of PRIDE teams across the United States and even some in other countries, all with the same goal. PRIDE's mission is to educate, promote, and support drug-free youth who care for safety and health of self, peers, family, and community. For more information or to find a PRIDE team near you go to:

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