The Princess Dorm Room Project

Official Project

The Problem

Decrease Freshman Student Drop rate based on poverty lack of funding to obtain College Dorm Room essentials.

Plan of Action

Dear Director: I hope all is well. Please review the attach document to see if you would be interested in participating in "The Princess Dorm Room Project. This is a spectacular project in which I would be honored to have "you, your foundation, organization, or company" as an project Partner/Sponsor. The Princess Project will raise funds to purchase Dorm Room Essentials for minority Freshman Females/Males attending an accredited college or university abroad. I would to present this program on air @106 & Park, this would totally boost the enthusiasm Project Sponsors. The prize package would contain: 1 Bed in a Bag 1 Note Book Computer 1 Shower caddy w slippers 1 alarm clock 1 travel bag detergent /hygiene products ( body&hair care) Each gift package valued estimated at $1200 The candidates will have to submit a 250 word essay explaining their career goals and a plan on how they would give back to their community. We will like to grant as many applicants as possible, once I received feed back from potential sponsors, I will have a concrete number of award packages. $36,000 =30 prize packages Applicants must submit 250 word essay. "The Princess Project" Winners must be in receipt of a college or university acceptance letter whom will reside in a dormitory. "The Princess Project" is open to Female/Male High School Seniors "The Princess Project" is in need of monetary and in kind donations. Would you like to be Sponsor of this spectacular project? What do we have to submit to your organization? Please let me know, for this is our first project and I am very open to hearing your ideas and suggestions. Thank you for your time and cooperation. Sincerely, Michelle Hanley Founder, Executive Director The Princess Dorm Project 754 Essex Street 2C Brooklyn,NY 11208 347-889-1845

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