Productive Minds

The Problem

Too many people use electronic entertainment to consume their day, valuable time that I want to change into productive time to help improve the world, and let these people learn that productivity can be fun.

Plan of Action

I want to have people sign up for a variety of volunteering opportunities or projects that will be led by myself or some close friends with the same thoughts I have on entertainment. Some examples is to have Hospital Volunteering, Workout Groups, Tutoring Opportunities, help to stay on track in school, hiking groups, Elementary School volunteering. These projects will consume a persons time in the day, when they start to turn on the television, they can call one of 'us' (in my group) and we will give them something productive to do, whether it is 2pm, or 2am, there is always something that needs to be done...other than turning off the brain and watching television.

Find a Campaign