Project 3 R's

Official Project

The Problem

I walk around my house and see what? Plastic, plastic and more plastic. Where will it end up? The bags: In a landfill. The bottles: At a recycling center. Sure, recycling center isn't that bad but they use energy to recycle those bottles. This is a problem that I need to fix, and so do thousands of other homes around the country. I want to decrease the consumption of plastic materials and keep as much of it out of the landfills as I possibly can.

Plan of Action

1) Invest in a water dispenser that will be reused and an eco-friendly reusable water bottle. 2) Found a bottle/cap separation program. The bottles will go to recycling and the caps will be given to Aveda for reuse. 3) Buy reusable canvas bags and find a way to buy them for distribution, to encourage people to stray away from the plastic bags.

Find a Campaign