Project Believe In Me

The Problem

Project Believe In Me is a response to the increase in young people committing bully-related suicide. 81% of young people surveyed as part of the Do Something Bully Report said that they see bullying at least once a week. It is our goal to end this terrible epidemic of suicides caused by bullying.

Plan of Action

We have three main programs! In the spring of 2013, we launched Rise Up, a collaborative storytelling project that sits at the intersection of peer support and Internet technology. Through community partners and events, we’ve been handing out what we like to call Rise Up Cards. Youth are invited to carry these cards around, and when they feel called to do so, pass their card to someone else. Maybe they see someone do something that they think is really cool, or they know someone who is going through a rough time. These are called Rise Up Encounters. When youth are given these cards by their peers and come to our website, they can see all of the incredible Rise Up Encounters that have taken place, and submit their own. Each card has a unique number, so youth can even track where their own card has been. Once they've checked out the page and submitted their Encounter, it's now their job to pass their card on to someone else. Check out our Rise Up Encounters at We've also partnered with Hold on Another Day to produce "Songs for Project Believe in Me," a one-for-one anti-bullying compilation album. For every copy of this 13-track CD filled with uplifting music, we're donating one to a youth struggling with bullying. Check it out at Letters: Our original campaign. We're inviting and encouraging people who have experienced bullying in any way (as a victim, a bystander, a bully..maybe all three.) to submit open letters of encouragement to youth who are struggling now. We are not alone in our struggles. Read and submit at For updates, we encourage you to visit our website at

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