Project Detox

The Problem

Educating the public about the importance of having an active, healthy, less stressful lifestyle. This project focuses mainly on understanding what foods effect the human body negatively and which foods impact the body positively. We estimate around 75% of the American population have never moved freely, with little to no stress. We explain how the mind controls the body, how to say no to yourself if you want to eat a lot of unhealthy foods (no matter how much you want it). Every individual who has even little knowledge about dietetics/nutrition is concerned about what they put into their bodies, but few care enough to pay attention. Project Detox (still working on the name) covers everything from tobacco (smoking, chewing, etc.) to caffeine (far from beneficial) to new scientific findings such as the cancer link to inexpensive foods (processed meats, etc.) to reading all labels to teach yourself what is beneficial and what is far from. We cover the obvious basics like supplements to get your vitamins, minerals, foods that taste great and are even better for you. Our project is led by a small team of high school seniors and college freshmen. We are still learning a lot and wish to further our own education to our fullest potential, anything helps. We are genuinely skeptical when we hear something new for the first time, which is why we feel we make a really great team. Team leader is Chelsea Fowler of Manhattan, Kansas.

Plan of Action

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