Project Fun Day

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The Problem

This will be a big event!!! One day out of the year during the spring, we will have a big community field day for the youth of the community. Being that I am in college, I will be able to have different organizations to come out and support such as: the basketball team, swim team, greek organizations, different health oraginizations ect... Each year we will have a different health theme. This is just so the youth can all have fun in productive way. Every hour we will have some type of a little performance whether it be the church choir, karate class, a dance studio you name it. The various activities will include but wont be limited to water sports such as water balloon fights, water gun contest, relays such as potato sack race, running race, egg spoon race ect... We will also have double dutch, football, basketball, a dance corner, and don't forget the health booths. Just a fun day in a fun kind of way!!!!!

Plan of Action

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