Project "Let's See Green!"

The Problem

My neighborhood is full of trash. Trash bags, bottles, papers, fast food wrappers, candy wrappers, cups and even articles of clothing! You cannot walk far without seeing another piece of dirty trash on the ground, and it's ugly. At this time of year, now that fall has arrived and the trees are changing colors, I think it would lift people's spirits to see colors of fall, and not white plastic bags or silver wrappers. Why not see the beauty of fall and winter?

Plan of Action

First create a day, when and where. Second, money would need to raised so that we can buy recyclable trash bags to pick up the trash on the ground, as well as gloves for sanitation. Second, I would need to get the word out by inviting volunteers to help me by media, posters, handouts. Third, after a day of cleaning as much as we can, we would need to pick the recyclables from the compost and then recycle them at a center.

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