Project Makeover

The Problem

Project Makeover's mission is to create a more dynamic learning environment for elementary school students. We are a completely student-run organization that is devoted to bettering the low-income learning environment of Alachua County, Florida. Each year an elementary school in need is selected and with the help of over 1,000 volunteers we makeover the entire school in one weekends time. In Alachua County, there is an ever-increasing need for support in the public school system, most notably in low-income areas where free-or-reduced-lunch is provided for a majority of the students. Project Makeover has selected Idylwild Elementary, located in Gainesville, to makeover this upcoming year. Idylwild currently reports 78% of its students for free-or-reduced lunch.

Plan of Action

Our plan of action is to paint interactive murals, landscape, fulfill a Dream Project requested by the school, and participate in a variety of other activities to help better the facility. We will recruit over 1,000 college student volunteers to help in various projects throughout the weekend's makeover. Through these actions, it is our goal to bring the University of Florida campus and the Alachua County community together to change the face of public education.

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