Project Nicaragua

The Problem

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere. With its people living off less than one dollar per day and in a country recovering from political turmoil, many people are unaware of the basic human rights. Most notable, the importance and access of health care. Most Nicaraguan women do not understand nutrition which results in abnormally high spina bifida births each year. Furthermore, large quantities of school children fight parasites that could easily be wiped out of the population with the access to single pill treatments.

Plan of Action

Many steps will be taken to progress Project Nicaragua. The long term goal is for Nicaragua to have its own sustainable health care system. Three major projects currently in progress are: 1. Advancing equipment and training of already established medical facilities 2. Research dietary lifestyle of Nicaraguan women to asses the spina bifida prevalence 3. Build rural medical facilities to outreach and express the importance of personal health care

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