Project Think

The Problem

Hunger has always been an issue in this world. The community I am trying to aim for are poverty stricken third world countries. Free helps these poverty country, with every word you answer correctly 20 grains of rice is donated. I not only want to see world hunger decrease by the years, I also want to see my friends improve on thier SAT's to get into a better college. Therefore leading to a better life, which further leads onto greater contributions to world hunger.

Plan of Action

It is summer now and most people have more time on their hand then they are use to. For my project I am thinking about telling all my friends and siblings to commit at least 20 minutes every day on this website. Not only does this website help others it also helps enhances the vocabulary of the people who actually use it. Therefore giving them a greater chance to score higher on SAT's to get into better colleges.

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