Project Woven

The Problem

Over 300 orphans, 73 widows, 30 single mother and 20 grandmothers are receiving support in Lusaka, Zambia through a micro enterprise in which women hand weave elaborate hand bags out of recycled colored plastic bags. The Non-government organization started by Linda Wilkinson in 2005 is called Chikumbuso. Linda began this NGO to combat the extreme poverty in an area ravaged with AIDS. Chikumbuso has become a safe haven for orphans, widows, single mothers and grandmothers for over seven years. The desired goal is to create an online retail store, showcasing the individual product lines of AIDS victims synched with the personal story of each designer. With such direction, Chikumbuso will hopefully gain more awareness leading to financial support of Chikumbuso; revealing the extraordinary benefits of micro enterprise in African communities combating AIDS & poverty. Currently the NGO's website for selling inventory is decentralized. For increase awareness and sales opportunity, the product needs to be more effectively showcased with a direct way of viewing items and purchasing online. The personal stories of the designers themselves helps to make a personal impact on potential consumers allowing them to directly support a particular designer and Chikumbuso as a whole.

Plan of Action

I am personally fundraising to travel and live in Lusaka, Zambia beginning in the spring of 2013 for at least six months to be a web page developer/business consultant/ supply chain coordinator intern for Chikumbuso. The cost of transportation, lodging and equipment is an estimated $8,000. My business proposal outlining my plan of action can be viewed at

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