Providence Center for Medically Fragile Children

Official Project

The Problem

The community I am helping are children from infancy to 21 years old. These children are medically fragile and live permanently in the center where they go to Portland Public Schools and do a variety of other activities in and outside of the Center. They are just like any other kid their age who love to have fun, laugh, dance, play and be read to. These children spend the majority of the time inside the Center, which is their home. They barely have knowledge of the outside world between the rare field trips they take to OMSI or the movies and school. Volunteers are greatly needed to interact with these kids, because they are around the same nurses everyday, all the time and it is refreshing to them to see new faces, make new friends, and spend time away from medicine and machines that keep them going.

Plan of Action

In addition to my advertising about the Center I volunteer at now, I try to get the word out to more people than the ones at my school. So far I have interested a handful of people in my class and there are many others who volunteer at the Center already without my recommendation. All it takes is to go there one time and experience it, because the majority of the people I talk to about volunteering there are scared, because they are not used to the conditions that these children are in and are uncomfortable with their situation. It just takes some getting used to, so I try and get everyone I talk to about it to go at least once and just try it.

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