Proyecto Algarabia

The Problem

Our programs serve socially and historically marginalized urban and rural youth in Latin America, the Caribbean, and their diasporas around the world. We are distinguished by the responsible and socially conscious methods with which we approach our work, relentlessly grounded critical historical analysis. Due to processes of colonialism and globalization, localized knowledge, history and culture in each of the communities we work in is continuously silenced and erased. Without political voice, multi-national corporations and foreign government looting easily and carelessly steal, pollute, and destroy land, exploit workers, and wipe out local culture. Schooling in these comminutes often does not reflect relevance to their everyday lives but rather reinforces and attempts to justify systems of inequality. Furthermore, policing of youth in these communities has proven to be very violent, repressive, and damaging to their livelihoods and families. Through our models, we seek to transform this paradigm so that education is empowering, both localized and globally connected, and centered on their lives and experiences in order to encourage personal and political action and transformation.

Plan of Action

Proyecto Algarabia builds local and cross-border youth solidarity by promoting their capacity to imagine and enact blueprints for social change through arts, literacy, and theatre. Connecting youth across borders using traditional and new media, Proyecto Algarabia mobilizes cross-border, youth-centered power and solidarity. Since 2010, PA has directly served over 450 youth and their families in four countries (Dominican Republic, Mexico, United States, and Guatemala), and independently published an anthology of our youths’ writings, Metaforas de la Decolonialidad. Our critical consciousness and decolonial pedagogy, by nature, embodies a critique of continuous occupation and structured colonialism, institutionalized and domesticated/ internalized racism, sexism and criminalization of young people living in the margins. Focusing our work in the area of land rights, collective memory, autonomy and criminalization, Proyecto Algarabía has developed a coextensive, intersectional, counter- hegemonic curriculum and pedagogy that recenters knowledge and wisdom.

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