Publicise Do Something

The Problem

Publicity can be sometimes the most important thing in order to bring awareness in the society. Irvington High School Do Something Club would like to bring attention to the new Do Something Club to incoming Freshman's, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. Do Something is an organization where youth are being encouraged to create changes in the community ,society or the world. There is so much to do. We can easily find so many topics to bring more awareness and changes towards. For example, environmental issues, politics, education. Newsweek, TIME magazine,and National Geographics have centered there publication about global temperature changes and many other hot issues, which are effecting the world right now. Why is that? They are trying to ring awareness to people to get up and DO SOMETHING about them.Being young representatives of the world, we have a lot to do in our hands. However in order to do that we need people to get involved. We will be setting up a booth dedicated for people to join Do Something club and leave feeling that they are going Do Something during their school year. We as a club want people to create awareness of the Do Something Club as well as the project goal we have set. ( If you can, please check out our other Project : "School is Cool" )This publicity of Do Something club to high school students ties back to our central goal for our Project of"School is Cool."High School Dropouts are often a reason because students loose their way. If they get themselves involved with such organization and start creating value in their community they miht feel the significance of education and giving back to the society. The project is to bring awarness to the Do Something Organization Club and get young people more involved with creating changes in their community,and the world.The project will take place from August 27th-29th. Pictures will be added as soon as possible during those dates.

Plan of Action

Find a Campaign