Punk Junk Donations

The Problem

Hunger and Homelessness – the two black clouds in the center of the room. Don’t you think it’s about time you did something to help? Well, now you can! And get prizes at the same time! This Summer on the Vans Warped Tour 2008 (www.warpedtour.com), my friend, Mandee, myself (Maria), a guy named Jack Johnson and his friend Zach will be collaborating for the Punk Junk Donation campaign. We will collect food stuffs and clothing as well as everything and anything you can think of. (Skateboards, old toys, we'll take it!) After we have collected, we will drop them at shelters, soup kitchens, food banks, rescue missions, and especially alternative shelters, etc. all over the country (and at least two days in Canada!) We will be giving out meet & greet cut passes in exchange for donations as well as amazing prizes. (Meet & Greet cut passes are used when you are in a signing to meet a band, you get to cut the line! Sweet deal!) The prizes are amazing too - one is an autographed five-string bass from New Found Glory! We estimate that we will get anywhere between 1,500 - 5,000 cans a day on food drive days, and countless homeless-oriented goods! We will be doing all this during the whole dates, with the exception of August 5th and 6th. Those are still being discussed. Here are the dates: June 20 - Pomona, CA June 21 - San Francisco, CA June 22 - Ventura, CA June 25 - Pheonix, AZ June 26 - Las Cruces, NM June 28 - Salt Lake City, UT June 29 - Denver, CO July 1 - Maryland Heights, MO July 2 - Bonner Springs, KS July 3 - Dallas, TX July 5 - Selma, TX July 6 - Houston, TX July 9 - Atlanta, GA July 10 - Orlando, FL July 11 - Petersburg, FL July 12 - Miami, FL July 13 - Elkton, FL July 14 - Charlotte, NC July 15 - VA Beach, VA July 16 - Columbia, MD July 17 - Cleveland, OH July 18 - Detroit, MI July 19 - Toronto, ON - CANADA July 20 - Montreal, QC - CANADA July 23 - Mansfield, MA July 24 - Darien Center, NY July 25 - Camden, NJ July 26 - Uniondale, NY July 27 - Scranton, PA July 28 - Englishtown, NJ July 29 - Pittsburgh, PA July 30 - Cincinnati, OH July 31 - Noblesville, IN Aug 1 - Milwaukee, WI Aug 2 - TInley Park, IL Aug 3 - Shakopee, MN (Minneapolis) Aug 5 - Saskatoon, SK -------MAYBEEEEEE-------- Aug 6 - Calgary, AB -------MAYBEEEEEE-------- Aug 8 - Nampa, ID (Boise) Aug 9 - George, WA (Seattle) Aug 10 - St. Helens, OR (Portland) Aug 13 - Fresno, CA Aug 14 - Chula Vista, CA Aug 15 - Mountain View, CA Aug 16 - Marysville, CA Aug 17 - Carson, CA Thanks and come out this summer for a great day of music, entertainment, and saving lives!

Plan of Action

James Jackson and I, Maria Sherman took very seperate steps, yet combined them when we realized we were fighting for a common cause. He has actually lived homeless, and is in the mist of creating a documentary on homeless in the punk community. And as for me, I'm just a teenage girl with a desire to help. James has been planning this for a while with Kevin Lyman (the creator of warped tour.) And I went with a similar idea to Sumner Komro of warped tour's non-profit sector. When Kevin brought the idea of Jame's charity to Sumner, he brought us together and the rest is history. Our daily lives consist of calling organizations, drop sites, venues, people, and each other almost constantly. :)

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