Purple for Peace---Movement for Action in Darfur

The Problem

On March 14, 2008, students across the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, South Africa, Egypt, and the United Kingdom will wear purple in order to acknowledge the importance of addressing the ongoing crisis in Darfur. The Purple for Peace occasion has been broadcasted all over the United States and other regions. News stations are being informed in cities all across America, and political offices are being notified. The Purple for Peace USA movement is now fourty-one states strong. We also have active movements in the UK, the Netherlands, South Africa and Egypt. As of January 18, 2008, we have notified the superintendent of every school district in seventeen U.S. states about the Purple for Peace movement. Of those states, we have a network of approximately five thousand six hundred high schools and potentially almost eight million students. We have confirmed representation in twenty-four states in addition to those forementioned. As of 1/31/08, the Purple for Peace movement has regional coordinators in thirty-eight out of fourty-one states, and we are currently working on city coordinators. City-based campaigns will begin during the last week of February. The primary objective of the Purple for Peace movement is to gain the support, the media attention, and the momentum necessary to push government officials for as faster response to the Darfur crisis. With an event as large as the Purple for Peace movement, we are guaranteed media coverage. The UN has been beating around the bush when addressing the Darfur crisis for almost five years, and we have yet to see an effective plan. Innocent civilians continue to die without sight of salvation. We, the Purple for Peace movement, demand action and results---the time is now. The San Diego branch of Purple for Peace will be hosting a “Fight for Darfur” publicity event (featuring a Battle of the Bands, a noted key note speaker, political party registrations, and much more) at one of San Diego’s local parks on Saturday, March 15, 2008. Monetary and food donations will be accepted and donated to displaced Sudanese refugees in recognition of the Sudanese holiday “Sham el Naseem”––otherwise, “the day of feasting.” Other regions with large Purple for Peace representation will be following suit. The “Purple for Peace–––Movement for Action in Darfur” is for a universal cause. Students in districts across the nation must realize that they can make a difference. After January 31, the Purple for Peace movement will be extending its campaign to Europe as well as to the following countries: Canada, Japan, China, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, San Marino, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bermuda, South Korea, Israel, Malta, and the Faroe Islands. Anyone, anywhere, can participate.

Plan of Action

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