Raising Awareness Of Christian Help

The Problem

I am a Christian. At our school, Foss High School in Tacoma, Washington, there are a couple Christian clubs. At the meeting of these clubs they talk about the bible and religion. I wanted to show Christ to people. Not just hold him to myself. So i started a new club called R.E.A.C.H(Raising Essential Awareness of Christian Help.) the difference between this club was that our goal was to make a visible impact on our community and show that Christ did not just live for himself but he lived to serve others. We just started this club at the beginning of October 2007 and have already finished our first volunteer project. I organized for some of our club members to go to the Tacoma Dome on Thanksgiving day and to help the Emergency Food Network feed the homeless. After some initial difficulties and obstacles, that day was a huge success. Our group left feeling worn out but very satisfied with being able to make somebodies day a little brighter. We all felt like we made a difference. We are now planning our next endeavor, hopefully it will be as successful as the last.

Plan of Action

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