Reaching the River

Official Project

The Problem

10 children from Chicopee, Massachusetts decided that enough was enough. We were tired of seeing our local river being ignored by the residents of the city. Because Chicopee was once an industrial city, the river played a huge role in daily life. But nowadays, people have turned towards more technologically-advanced entertainment -- such as movie theaters. In order to bring attention back to the Chicopee River, we decided to build a butterfly garden. In addition to the actual garden, team members planned a museum of sorts, complete with informational pamphlets detailing the species of butterfly, seasonal range, and plant of choice for each type that flies through Western Massachusetts. The garden was meticulously plotted, scheduled to be built on an acre of land donated to us by a local development corporation. It included plants used for food by local caterpillars (such as rhodedendrons and milkweed), basking stones for butterflies to warm their wings, and a platform raising a trio of butterfly bushes as a focal point in the center. In order to complete the planning of this project, we worked with many experts. The list includes a garden planner, a butterfly expert, a zoo expert, and a computer technician to help us perfect our blueprint. Finalizing the project was a presentation at a board meeting of the corporation who was interested in the project. They unanimously agreed to fund the project but, unfortunately, it never went through.

Plan of Action

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