R.E.A.L. Girls

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The Problem

R.E.AL. Girls is a program for at-risk junior high girls. The girls who attend the program are considered to be at-risk for adverse health behaviors. They are more likely to participiate in risky behavirors such as substance abuse and sexual actiity, and they are more likely do it at a younger age than their peers. The R.E.A.L. Girls organization aims to decrease girls' participation in risky health behaviors or prevent them from makign those decisions in the first place.

Plan of Action

R.E.A.L. Girls started as a two-day program created in a health program planning class and has evolved into an after school leadership program that takes place two days a week for six to nine weeks. Students in the program planning class enjoyed creating the program and decided to create a team to develop a longer program for some of the schools in the area. Working with the instructor a team of two students developed and piloted the after school program in Spring of 2008. Now a team of five students has collaborated to develop an improved program that will be run at two local schools for Fall of 2008.

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