Rebuilding Hope in Roatan

Official Project

The Problem

On the island of Roatan, Honduras, poverty consumes the lives of many residents. While one side of the island is viewed as the tourist destination, the side of the island where most natives reside is poorly managed. Homes are in unsafe condition, water supplies become unsanitary, and crime arises out of the impoverished state the residents are forced to endure. A mission trip would allow volunteers an opportunity to rebuild, refresh, and renew the hopes of the native residents of the beautiful island of Roatan.

Plan of Action

I would like to arrange a week-long mission trip of around 20 volunteers including myself. Much like Habitat for Humanity does, I would like to join together with the local community in order to rebuild homes or a community building in order to better the lives of the residents. I would also like, if possible, to arrange for a doctor from my community to make the journey with the group and conduct a clinic for the locals to receive vital vaccinations or basic medical care. Bottles water distribution would also be an important aspect of the contribution to the community.

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