Reconstruction with employment

Official Project

The Problem

I think there should be a group who takes as many donations from across the nation to be able to employ people to rebuild those cities effected from hurricane Ike and those hurricanes to come. This way more people are being employed (which helps the economy) while rebuilding is going on and it also gives those people experience in the construction business so it'll be easier for them to get jobs later down the road. Here's how the donations would work; Start a nation wide national organization with volunteer representatives in each major region of the nation who live there. Those representatives would go pitch this new idea to the major (and minor) corporations in their area to get as many donations. The bigger the corporation the more money that could be collected. Then use that money to employ the builders and buy equipment. Some of the donations can also be stuff to rebuild with (like wood and tools) so that money could be used elsewhere.

Plan of Action

This is the only thing I know that I can do.

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