Red Alert Dogs for Diabetics

The Problem

Ciara (7 yrs old) spent 2 weeks in pediatric ICU in a diabetic coma. The bills totaled more than a quarter of a million dollars. Ciara is like my brother, and many diabetic children who often can't feel when their blood sugar is dangerously low. It's called hypoglycemic unawareness. It's scary to live wondering about things like if you'll sleep through a low at night and never wake up. Bayleigh (6 yrs. old) used to poke her finger up to 20 times for multiple blood tests before she would feel safe enough to go to sleep.

Plan of Action

The grand total I have raised is $24,000 in help to families across the U.S. and Canada. $7,000 of that is what I have raised since I decided to start my own charity. I've purchased puppies, paid for training, paid for vet bills, purchased service dog vests, purchased dog food, and helped one family with their legal fees to be able to bring the dog to school. Five year old Ayla has a dog that has saved her life twice. Ciara, Abi, Brianna, Jason, and others haven't had a seizure since they each received their dogs. For my brother he feels safer, especially when he's playing sports and his blood sugar can change very quickly. My charity has helped save lives and improve the quality of life. With the scientific research I hope to improve the quality of life for every diabetic. Dogs end up being best friends, and what my mom calls happy medicine. That's good news for kids who take insulin shots every time they eat, plus get a finger poke blood test every couple of hours, and all the other yucky stuff that comes with having an auto-immune disease. My website has had over 1 million web hits from 38 countries spanning 6 continents. Through the website and speaking engagements I have educated more than a million people on diabetes and diabetic alert service dogs. By the way, did you know that diabetes kills 300,000 people every year - more than breast cancer and AIDS combined.

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