The Problem

The Jostens Renaissane program is adopted by shcools all over the country to help keeps kids in school. This program is adapted differently by each school. Every school makes it there own. I am a senior at Haleyville High School, and this is our second year as a Jostens Renaissance school. We reward students for good academic achievements. We not only reward the top academic students, but also the students that show improvement in their overall grade point average, (GPA). Last year we had four academic pep rallys to honor our Renaissance students. We also gave away free HHS Renaissance shirts to all Renaissance students, about 300 out of our 700 kids. This year we have even more Renaissance students since our program has grown over the past year. We now have a Renaissance Club of which I am President. This program is designed to make school fun and enjoyable for all students. We try to do things to boost student moral, and keep kids in school. In the past we have had high dropout rates, but since the Renaissance program started, we have seen a signifigant decrease in the number of dropouts. We have many new ideas for this program, but since we are a new club we dont have a lot of money. This grant would help us fund our academic pep rallys that honor our excelling students. The program has come a long way but I want this year to be the foundation of the program that will continue in our school system for years to come.

Plan of Action

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