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I am a Sri Lankan.I am an University student. I am studying Medicine in the University. I want to be a great scientist and a professor of Medicine one day. It is the one and only goal of my life. I work hard to succeed my goal everyday. I want to make the world a better place for everyone to live in harmony. I believe that scientists must be rich with great qualifications to do their best to the world. I want to be a scientist who has great discipline and knowledge about every fields. I have learned so many fields to be a great scientist. That is why I study not only Medicine but Moral studies and Ethics,History, Geography,Fine Arts,Humanities,Basic law,Communication Skills,Economics, Accounting studies, Business studies,Project Management,Entrepreneur Skills,Statistics,Calculus,Program Design also. I have no excellent knowledge about these fields. But I have the basic knowledge to succeed my researches one day as a clever scientist. And I have an excellent knowledge about Medicine and Genetic Engineering.I hope to use my knowledge to provide great service to the world. Although I work hard to win my goal soon.I have only one obstacle to win my target. I am so sorry about that. But I have great belief about my self. I know that I can definitely win my target one day. I am fit never quit. I have courage and strength to win my target. But you may know that Sri Lanka is a third world country. We have no facilities to continue our researches and practicals. and We have no qualified lecturers to find wide knowledge about Medicine. So I want to enter to an University or Medical College in UK or USA to get a wide knowledge to be a scientist and win my target soon. I want to use my knowledge to develop the researches in Medicine and I want to invent good solutions for diseases. My problem is about money. Although I have courage and strength to win my target I have no money to enter to an University or Medical College in UK or USA.If you can donate me money to succeed my great goal.I will be able to win my target soon.So please sir, If you can help me ! I think if you have the ability you will donate me money or financial aids to succeed my target. I am waiting for a reply from you ! Thank you,

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