Restoring the daily pollution, and moving our body to restored physical level's .

The Problem

I am trying to solve all of the dependency focused on motor vehicle's in our world today. People have become so use to jumping in a car and forgetting what the deeper cost and effect which is taking place such as oil, gas, fumes through out the environment, and the rising cost's of gas. Also, in having a vehicle for use in minor thing's that don't require driving, has limited our bodies to having physical motion on a daily time frame. That ultimately leads to poor circulation, heart health issue's , over weight problem's and etc..

Plan of Action

The plan is to continue on perfecting my on going project that has been waiting for further funding to reach the assembling process that is waiting on stand by mode. This innovative concept that has been up in runs for over a year now, will change the way we use transportation, exercise, use free energy,limit fatal accidents taking place,and be very cost effective to those who do not have access to afford a car payment or fuel cost,maintenance for expensive parts, or any other burdening problems .Most of all the environment will have less pollution destroying the ecosystem here on our fragile earth ,people can start being active and healthier, and some fun for the whole family to enjoy . I truly believe without a doubt that what i am developing will seriously have a tremendous great impact for people and the earth.

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