Restoring Hope

The Problem

In 2004 as a sophomore in high school, I was very concerned about the number of elementary aged school children who had been retained or were at risk of being concerned so I founded a 501(c)(3) organization called Each One Reach One Community Impact Project, Inc. One of our biggest projects has been the Restoring Hope tutoring/mentoring program. I reached out to the Atlanta metropolitan school system and the housing projects to identify children who were at risk. Through our one-on-one tutoring and mentoring program 95% of the children in the program have attained academic success. I also needed to deal with some behavioral problems and developed some non-violence as well as image workshops for the children. We started this program with four children in 2004. We now have 89 children in the program in Atlanta, Georgia and 10 children in the program in Burlington, VT. It wasn't easy to get the children into the program so I had to be creative and come up with some academic incentives. I contacted Microsoft Corporation who agreed to donate computers to every single child who attained academic success. In addition to that, we had another partner who is donated laptops to the tutors who are made a difference in the lives of the children they service. Lastly, we wanted to get the children involved in community service. Every month the children participate in some type of community service project whether it is volunteering at local food banks, creating gift baskets during the holidays for women in shelters, having food/clothing drives for local shelters, or helping single mothers transition from welfare to work. The children have enjoyed the community service projects and I believe becuase of that have become better citizens. For King Holiday in 2008, we plan to hold our first ever Peace Conference where we intend to invite and transport at least 2,000 children in the surrounding communities to the Dome to hold workshops on peer mediation, violence prevention, and self-esteem building. We will close the conference with a local entertainer. As you can see I am excited about what our organization is doing in the community

Plan of Action

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