Official Project

The Problem

Commercial enactment/ Reality Play A couple is driving to their high school reunion. Excited to tell all their friends their accomplishments over the past 10 years they decide not to take a sleeping break so they can arrive first. Both have been up for several hours and it is beginning to rain. The passenger daydreams about telling all the cheerleaders and jocks about being a medical doctor and how her husband is a FBI agent and does not pay attention that the driver (high school sweetheart; husband) is beginning to fall asleep at the wheel. BAM!!! CRASH!!!! (glass shattering) For being so successful and having so much intelligence; what were they thinking when they got in the car and did not buckle up? They might of got to live to make it to their reunion. Think before you drive. Buckle up. Your life depends on it.

Plan of Action

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