The Revolutionary Environmental Club


The Problem

save paper, energy, and water on campus, and let more people realize its importance and take actions!

Plan of Action

1. saving paper a) let people in my club to try to persuade all teachers at my school subsribe a on-line grading system for papers, so it makes major assignments paperless b) for those teacher that wouldn't agree and are so used to grading on paper, ask them to accept papers printed on printed-paper.Reuse c) change the settings of school printers, one with autosettings for one-sided printing for teachers wouldn't negotiate; one with autoset to print on both side; all the rest of the printers set to be loaded with one-side-printed paper d)make signs to let people load newly oneside-printed paper to printers instead of putting them into the recycle bin right way,and let club members monitor e)cooperate with recycling club to recycle f) ask school replace paper towels with auto-leaned towel machines or biodegradable ones 2. recycling batteries get a bin to recycle batteries and make an announcement 3. recycle plastic recycling club ( bottles) recycle glasses, but someone mentioned the energy used to reccle them is not worth it to let it decay in 100 years, so we'll need to look into it 5. saving energy a)challenge teachers to turn off lights after last period b)let club members make sure they are turned off c)remind dorm parents to turn off lights in hallways, bathroom, laundry at curfew 6. saving water a)ask students and faculties to use a cup to hold water when brushing teeth and trun off water when washing faces by using a towel b)ask a few of them to do an experiment to measure how much water is wasted the other way, and do a report 7. educating people a) fun activities(environmental cookie sale, plastic into the recycle bin throwing game, videos, drawing/photo/song composition competition...) b) lectures 8. bigger project found raising for China Green Fund

Project Updates

I had been fairly busy in the last few weeks, so I'm posting updates all at once. In the past 3 weeks, we’ve tried to organize a garden help out in the school organic garden after school. But due to whether and conflicting events, the attendance wasn't as high is expected. We planned to do a teaching section, weed pulling competition, to nominate the king of the weed, and do some planting. That also gave inspiration to our biology teacher to do a gardening unit for his class, the 8th and 9th graders planted vegetables fruits and flowers, so at least that was pretty good. A lot has been going on at the schoo, open house, Alumni weekend, which led to the removal of Ms. Battery, our battery recycling box, the new baby battery, Ms. Battery's reappearance and redisappearnce. But at least the batteries are all saved. So that's good. I also had an appointment with our school director to talk about how we can make the school a grenner place, and made suggestions. Interestingly enough, I suggested the school to have a movie trip on Earth Day to see the Disney Nature movie African Cats. It didn't work out, but I tried, and I'll show the video clip during the next town meeting to raise awareness. There was a poetry reading event separated from our club last night. Amazingly, quite some people picked poems on the earth or environment to read, which made me feel really happy for the sense of awareness is starting to be built up at school. We made the last try to let people sign up for the Green Your School Challenge grant on Monday, and I really hope we can win. That way, the prize money will be great for us to get started.

All 934 plastic bags are pack into a bag trash bag with the help of a faculty. They are taken to Walmart to recycle today!

I handed out the cards we made for the teachers today but one. Some of them expressed the difficulty for them to use the computer, but most of them are supportive of what we are doing and would like to come talk so we can hav more ideas. I laso went to learn how to work the copier so we can print on double side, and will hand them out next week.

Today is the last day for plastic bag class competition. We started counting th bags that are turned in.It was actually a pretty tiring job, it takes about 30 minutes to count the bags for the seniors by myself. Later on, I found some helpers and we were much more efficient. We put the bags in groups of 10, and counted them that way. The faculties had 61, 8th grade got 14, 9th grade 66, 10th 216, 11th 371, and 12th 206, which makes the total 934. The unofficial goal I set was 1000, but it's pretty close. One the other hand, these are only the number of bages contributed in 2 weeks, think how many bages are used every day! Overall, I think this class competition is a success!

It's been a long day,we worked really well today making cards out of paper from the recycle bin to persuade teachers accepting papers on line. This is a continuation of the letter composing project we've been doing. A total of 11 cards are made! All of them we put a great effort on, then are all hand-written. Some of the cards showed a good amount of creativity and humor, I really like that! Thanks to those who came today and those who helped composing the letter. We are one step closer to success. I'll print out a direction for the teachers(on recycled paper of course), then we we can had them out~

The plastic bag class competition has been going on for a week now. I was surprised to see this morning that the boxes for 9-12th grades were filled up so much. 11th grade is in the lead now, but we'll have until the end of this Friday to figure out the champion.

We rescued a hardboard box and made it a battery recycling box so people can bring used batteries from home and we can recycle them. It's names Mr. Box and dressed him up with a little tie made by used paper, and people seemed to like the idea. There is a drama right on the day Mr. Battery is put up---our dedicated cleaning crew had throw the box out in the afternoon. I went after to look for it, and it turned out it's deserted in the trash dump:( At the same time I found out a lot of cardboards are thrown away in regular trash dump instead of going to be recycled by the cleaning crew. So first, I rescued 5 card boxes and replaced them in the paper dump in our school which also serves as a proper funeral for Mr. Battery. Then I talked to the head of the cleaning crew, asking him to sort paper wastes out from regular trash so we can recycle. She is in great support for that, and promised to inform the crew. Lastly, I made a Ms. Battery to replace the assassinated Mr. Battery and make a sign so it would be thrown out!

This update will have to be quick. Talked to Tech teacher and he sgreed to set up the on-line group sometime this week. So one target down. Got 4 boxes from the dinning hall, rescued a bax from the art building yesterday, and a student donated a box which made enough for the plasic bag class competetion. I also made signs from 8-12th grade and for facualties. The setting for the competition is all ready.Thanks to our geometry teacher for the markers. By accident, I met my advisor and found out she is doing something special to save water today after she heard our announcement from yesterday. Also got a comment here from Elizabeth01 offering to support. Very glad.

Today is the first day back o school after spring break. I negotiated with our school mayor that we can do a class (plus faculty) competition to bring in plastic bags so they can be recycled. She agreed and so we made an announcement today during town meeting. The competition will start on Wednesday. We also made an announcement about tomorrow, World Water Day:), and gave some tips of how we can save water by taking a shorter shower or turning off the water when brushing teeth. One student was particularly interested in the Green Your School Challenge, and decided to call for signing up on Facebook. I am very glad to see there is one more person that cares. Some plans I have in mind right now---club meeting on Friday to finish composing the letter to teachers of submitting papers on-line; talk to the science teachers again so they can have some time in class for us to do the sign-up for Green Your School Challenge; find 6 boxes to hold plastic bags and make signs foe Wednesday; talk to tech teacher so we can create a school group SOON! ask the Biology teacher if there's something we can do for the green house or organic garden. Also, today I had an idea that maybe we can do a hide and seek for green tips on campus as a week's challenge, to hide tips in the school, and see which grade can find the most of them, and let them read out loud in the next week. There is really a lot to do, I will have to go into it!

made announcement in front of the whole school to help with the grants today, and meeting tomorrow.

inspired by th e-mail I got that our school became the featured school for the week in Green Your School Challenge, I sent e-mail to every faculty and student at the school explaining how they can help out with our project. Today I went to ask all the science teachers if thy can give some time in class for students to complete this process. The result was all of they agreed except the AP Bio class because of tight schedule. In a dittion, we are going to make an announcement on Monday during town meeting fr the same cause.So I'm expecting lots of progresses~And the plan is to have another meeting next Tuesday before Spring break.

Hi guys, here's a little report back on the meeting we had last Thursday for the Club. I used the posters we used last time (which were printed on used paper), and changed the date to save the environment. As for the meeting itself, it was not as well as what I had planned in mind. Without the attraction of treats, and maybe lack of notice(but I did make an announcement in town meeting, put up posters, and send out e-mails...), only 4 club members (plus me and the other club leader and our advisor) showed up...People really should be thing about things other than food! Anyways, there one new club member, which is good:) We'll have to come up with some ideas of getting people involved so we can work on the project to let teachers accept papers on-line rather than print-offs. Any suggestions how to attract people?

We finally had our grand opening for the club! At least 23 people showed up according to my attendance sheet, and there's a total of 25 members in the club, plus our faculty supervisor~ We went over the aggenda and focuses of the club, and some people were really interested, wich is a great start!
Thanks Mrs. Fuller who brought doughnuts and drinks over for the meeting!
I've already sent e-mails to all the new and old members, and our next step is working on making cards for our on-line submitting project!

a little update here~ Due to the reason that we were watching a video last Monday during town meeting, I couldn't make the anouncement of the establishment of the club; and due to bad weather, we couldn't have the first club meeting as we planned. So, they are all moved to this Monday---which is Valentine's Day!
So I had this idea to teach people make paper roses out of USED paper as our first club activity on this day. We sent e-mail and facebook invitations to all students and faculties,and made our first official announcement (my first time doing an announcement~)in town meeting. People seemed to have liked our announcement and the way we did it, and we got quite some applaude.I felt really happy for that.
Several people show up, which is an encouraging start, though not a whole lot. So I also felt the difference between just announcing it and actually getting people to come.
The result turned out to be that the oragami was getting too hard to make, and we ran out of time, so we had to finish it later. Still we had fun, and I hope the idea of making used paper back with value had made some influnce on our participants.
The other thing I did was kind of unexpected. We had a Valenstin's day pary at night, and the parents acually bought nice looking plastic cups ro hold drinks. I thought it would be wasteful to just throw them away after using it. Si I did a survy asking of people turn the water off when they brush their teeth, and if they don't I would put a Valentine's Day sticker on the cup and write a note for them to use it when they brush teeth. It turned out funny and I hope hopethey would follow it!
There will be another meeting for signing up and introduction on the clubing coming this week. We are working on it!

I've found Mrs. Balazs to be one of our facualty advisers. She teaches environmental science at our school (Indian Springs School), and showed a great amount of interest when I was talking to her about the club. It's agreat start!
Right now I'm filling the club registeration form for the school, hopefully we'll get things started soon and make an anouncement on Monday!

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