Revolving Issues

Official Project

The Problem

I'm a senior at San Leandro High School and one of my classes is AP Studio Art. As part of being enrolled in my class, we are to focus on a concentration of our own. A concentration is basically your focus, your theme for the whole year because at the end, we are to create an art portfolio with all our pieces throughout the year. My concentration is about the issues of everyday life, for example, issues within the school, education, bullying, peer pressure, etc. I want to show others the importance of being safe, especially during the upcoming flu season, of standing up for yourself, and being proud of who you are. Whenever in doubt, seek for help. Ask someone you know and trust. There is help, there is hope.

Plan of Action

My steps to creating this project of mine, is to first start off by brainstorming different art pieces to create like one could focus on discrimination against women, the education of children being limited, the budgets we face, the health cares of family and teens, etc. By the end of this 2009-2010 school year, I plan to have a quantity amount of art pieces. Once I feel finished, I'd like to first consult my teacher about my plan. Every year, the AP Art students hold showcases to the whole community. Reminders are sent to teachers and information is posted on the San Leandro Newspaper. At the showcase, I plan to post my art pieces and describe my plan and idea behind it.

Find a Campaign