Rock Your Cause Benefit Concert featuring Marié Digby

The Problem

As of today, over 800 student organizations exist on the UC Berkeley campus, and many more are started every semester. We think that's too much. And this situation also extends itself into the not-for-profit space where over 1 million charities every year, not to mention the fact that thousands more are launched every year. That is a waste of resources. Instead of competition and crowdedness in the"doing good" space, we want to foster collaboration. We think that causes like Animal Welfare and Education and Human Rights can co-exist, without having to fight for funds or resources.

Plan of Action

Rock Your Cause is a benefit concert that lets you rock a cause that you care about! At the event, you will get to choose from one of 11 charities in 11 categories to donate to from the proceeds of your ticket. At the event, you will get to choose where the proceeds of your ticket will go to out of 11 charities in 11 different categories. Whether it’d be education, environment, or another cause, you will know that just by attending, you will be doing something.

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