Rocky Horror Picture Show

Official Project

The Problem

Currently we're finishing up plans to hold a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at a local play house in Gloversville. It's going to be a free show, which, of course is amazing. The date is still TBA, but it should all be set in stone pretty soon. Advertising has been mad, and supplies purchased or ordered. It should go off pretty well. Before and after the screening we plan to educate some of the attendees on issues Project alliance is concerned with as well as give people the opportunity to get printed materials via tabling by some other local organizations. I'll post some more information as soon as we have everything set in stone. That should be within next week. Currently the project is being worked on by Yokie Bertos, and Erica Basco with help from s few local businesses, and some contacts we're extremely lucky to have.

Plan of Action

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