Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser

The Problem

To help support the Ronald McDonald House, which provides a supportive community and a home for those who are experiencing challenging times. Quotes from families: “I think you feel a certain rapport with everyone here because they are in a similar situation. You don’t feel like you are in a hotel with strangers where you have nothing in common. Here you can talk to people and you know what everyone is going through. You really couldn’t survive in just a hotel.” “Once you start talking to other people, even if they aren’t going through the same situation, they are still going through something. You can still relate to each other. You go to dinner and talk to each other. It makes it a lot easier.” “People at camp were just like me and that comforted me. No one cared if you were sick.”

Plan of Action

Norcom Community Center(NCC) is hosting a Vendor Night, where our club can set up a table and sell bake goods in order to fund-raise money for the Ronald McDonald house. We will fundraise on two dates: Saturday, October 27th, from 8am to 1pm, and November 9th. They'll charge on $20 to set up a table. We were hoping everyone could contribute at least a dollar to help buy the table. We will gather at least 6 volunteers for each date to help with the sales. Each bake good will range from about 50 cents each to 1 dollar. So far, our menu consists of pan cookies, brownie bites, and strawberry stuffed with cheesecakes. Our goal is to raise at least $400.

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