Official Project

The Problem

In 1948 the Springfield High Lettermans club put a large "S" spirit rock at the top of a large hill, in a park, near our school. Over the past forty years the rock has been forgotten due to growth of trees and the mark of vandalism. This park, once a site of pep rallies, picnics, and school spirit, is now just a patch of green grass with a nice view. Times are beginning to change. The Springfield High School Miller Mob, a renowned fan group, and the ASB, want to revamp the "S" rock. We are looking to coat the rock with a new layer of paint, as well as clear some of the trees out from around the rock, to make a once prominent landmark visible. We intend to use this new site of spirit to create a place for future rallies, and school activities. If able to do so the events there would create school camaraderie, new friendships, and build the community.

Plan of Action

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