The Problem

I am the president of my S.A.D.D (students against distructive decisions) club/group at my school to teach people how distructive decisions can harm them. I live in a very diverse area and go to an even more diverse school. We have students from Alpharetta, Roswell, South Fulton, and more. We have had some people with drugs in our school and and friends who have been driving drunk and killed themselves or other people. S.A.D.D. is an organization that can help educate peole about these situations and guide them to stop and think before they act and make a wrong decision.

Plan of Action

We have had the organization at my school ever since i have been in sixth grade (now in eighth) and announced it all over the school. Every year we go into the every teachers classroom and ask the classes to join the S.A.D.D organization. we also put up posters anf fliers around the school to premote people to join.

Find a Campaign