Safe Teen Driving - Arrive Alive

The Problem

More and more people, especially teen car fatalities are caused by driving distractions and alcohol. We would like to raise awareness with our peers, our parents and friends about safe driving practices.

Plan of Action

1) Working with Valley of Rainbows we have partnered with 11 elementary, middle and high schools in our area, 50-100 students from each school. 2) We will hold a mini assembly at our schools and sign a large banner pledging to Drive Safe - no texting, no alcohol, no cell, wear seat belts while in a car. 3) During Global Youth Service week we will line Farrington Hwy. (the main roadway leading into the Wai'anae Coast, high fatality road) and wave signs cautioning drives to a) Slow Down, Arrive Alive; b) Drive with Aloha; c) No Texting or Use of Cell Phones; d) Drinking and Driving Don't Mix 4) We will partner with Honolulu Police Department for this sign waving campaign. 5) We will research fatalities in our area, especially young adults/teens. We are recruiting support of MADD (Mother's Against Drunk Driving) to find a teen speaker to share their story. 6) At Valley of Rainbows' Youth Leadership Conferences will be display banners and retake our Pledge.

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