SAGA Spring Fling Mixer

The Problem

I go to Deerfield High School, a small school on the Northshore where tolerance for homosexuality isn't as great as I would hope for as a gay student. I've been made fun of for being at school many times, but after joining SAGA (straight and gay alliance) I found that there was a small way in which I could help students like myself, who were afraid to come out and be themselves.

Plan of Action

After a lot of thinking, I proposed the idea of doing a mixer with other high school gay straight alliance clubs, as well as leaving the invitation open to the entire DHS community. This past spring, we decorated our lunchroom and posted posters all around the school to invite people to come. We had 8 other gay straight alliance clubs attend the event and many people from my own high school attended as well. Not only did we spread the awareness and comfort to gay students that Deerfield is working towards being a safer place, but we also raised money for our annual Day of Silence festivities each year.

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