Salad Bowls

Official Project

The Problem

As part of The Campus Kitchen at Gonzaga University's celebration of Global Youth Service Day, the leadership team and other spectacular volunteers around the Gonzaga campus will be getting together to get our hands dirty and make some the same time! That's right, we will be planting salads. The project will involve lots of fun, leafy greens, and other necessary parts of salads(a couple veggies and some herbs) that will be planted in large pots and given to special agencies and shelters throughout the Spokane community to help ensure that access to healthy and fresh produce is readily available with an easy snip! In addition, CKGU will partner with sodexho to host nutrition workshops for members of the community in need. The workshops will serve to teach recipients of the salad bowls fun and inexpensive ways to use fresh produce in cooking and how to be healthier and more cost effective.

Plan of Action

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