Salvation of the poor and hungry

The Problem

Human kind is the endangered species, for which I have begun forming a world Federation, who's first job is to end all world poverty, by ending also, all world unemployment, and this will be done, by the development of new artificial land, as a new nation and with a new currency, who's value is not based on gdp, but on the commodity values of the deep ocean, the moon, and all the solar system. In this way, this world fed can make serious long term investments into nations, and be assured of a return and it all paying off because its simply a matter of replacing over time these notes securities, with real commodites derived from mining the earth and eventually the moons,asteriods, and planets. Some suggest the earth is very poor... they are wrong. Its simply that our leaders are leading in fear, and they know not the value of what we as humanity has in its hands. I presently work on three projects. 1) a church, to solve for the problems of homelessness for all who fall from society for whatever reason. It is a plurilistic order, based around science and reason, but with open serious consideration for all world scriptures. 2) The formation of Ecclesia, as a new land, which would allow myself as one man, to end all world poverty, by being able to make those long term massive investments into development projects, in all nations. 3) the formation of a world FEDERATION. which is needed, because , i as one, as king of a super tiny county, cannot do everything. Please read and study this blog... and this website, for the church. im just one man, and I know only one person who will help me, and she does so, because of love for me. I have contacted every nation on earth. And no one dares to argue, and they do not respond. If my proposals are flawed, ,I ask that wise people such as yourselves tell me how and why. -Mosheh Thezion (aka: Mosheh Fabio Luis Edwardo Correa Rodriguez Hiraldo.) Avatar general of the Empirical Church. [personal information edited out by DS staff]

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