San Joaquin Delta College Truth Club

The Problem

Truth isn’t an acronym for anything significant. Truth is the other side of U.S. History as it is taught in the classroom- or as I call it: "U.S. Mythology." Basically, the history that we as students are taught in the classroom is a watered down and highly biased version of events. "Minorities" are treated as minorities in the textbooks, given minimal time in class discussion, or even simply skipped over. This trend is not only present in elementary and secondary schools, but continues through college- the one place it doesn’t have to. Students shouldn’t have to take a black history class in order to receive more than two paragraphs on the Civil Rights Movement, or a Chicano history class in order to read more than a paragraph on Caesar Chavez. Therefore, Truth’s goal is to educate those groups who are jaded in the classroom, through self-education. Truth is known as an enhancement club- used to enhance what is taught in the classroom (if it is even covered); not to necessarily dispel what has already been taught, but to analyze it and get both sides of the story. The bearing of Truth would definitely have to be my most significant accomplishment in the few years I’ve been alive, and I hope that I will continue the revolution when I forward on to a four year university and beyond.

Plan of Action

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