Saturdays with Robert

The Problem

Our group is solving hunger one lunch at a time. We aren't trying to reach a quota. Sometime we hand out only a dozen meals, other times we hand out six or seven dozen. It has really been about building up relationships with these "social outcasts". It is scary to talk to them the frist time, but it is all just sterotypes. There are mostly kind-hearted people who just want somebody to listen to them. Occasionally, we have some people that aren't as accepting to our lunch and it is a great learning experience on how to deal with that type of person. The gorup often debreifs what we see from the day after we pass out lunch. We are setting a goal to start a question and answer forum with local high schools to break the sterotypes of homeless people and hopefully stir-up others' desires to help these needy people out. It is a great form of service because it is so flexible for your schedule, wallet, and group number; but, it is such a stretch for you mentally and emotionally to talk to these people that might not fit your standards.

Plan of Action

Twice a month a group of high schoolers get together at make sack lunches for the homeless. We buy and prepare the food together and then hand it out under bridges downtown. The format varies, but we have a few regulars. It is great to see the same people over and over again downtown. We have built some great relationships with these homeless people that have been treated like outcasts for so long. The coolest thing I ever did was hug one of the homeless boys. His name was Robert, and it has been great to get to know him. He hadnt had such positive touch in a really long time. The group agrees the most interesting thing we learned was that homeless people LOVE bottled water. They never seem to get it because people think they can just use water fountains. It is a real treat to them: like a shinny red bioke on your fifth birthday.

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