Save A Voice

The Problem

Everyone has a story to tell Someone's feeling down Someone's world is falling around them Someone feels alone Someone keeps looking for someone else Everyone has something wrong with them Autism Multiple personalities Borderline personalities Bipolar Attention deficit And just plain depression Someone's dense, someone's insecure, someone's bad at speaking their mind Maybe someone even has a cold too Everyone is expected to live up to something School work, house work, get a job Make something of yourself Fall in love, but first someone has to fall in love with you Make and keep your friends, but there's always the druggie, the drunkard, or just the one that makes you wonder why you even know them. We don't have to be part of "everyone" We don't have to be the same, we don't have to be anything we don't want to be It doesn't have to be about what's happening, It doesn't have to be about what's wrong with us, It doesn't have to be about what's expected of us. It can just be about us, as simple as that. And together, instead of being a part of "everyone", We can become "something" Something unique, something meaningful, something strong, something that matters. today is the day that i deciate my life to changing people to makeing a difference. im going to die a hero a idol, ill change the world one person at a time. heros dont cry. so lets all join hands an show the world that we can make a differnce im tired of those before us who promised us changed, an did nothing, today i will launch [ Save A Voice ] "Every mind is a beautiful thing. A story to be told, and song to be sung, and poem to be written, a paiting to be drawn. They all just need a little inspiration, somthing to run with, somthing to show passion. All it needs is creativity, a voice beautiful or not, and pen and paper and some ryhming words or even free versed. All it needs is color. Be thankful for everthing in your life the good and te bad for the good are the things that make you smile but the bad is what shapes you to be who you are to maybe change the world in your own little way the mind should not be wasted whether you are famous or not it is a miracle of nature and whether you are heard by millions or only heard by one indulge yourself with what makes you happy and refuse to be another balled up idea on a peice of paper to be wasted and thrown away. Be kind and know what you seek for it will be laid in the palms of your hands at one point in your life. It is up to you to recognize yourself and your purpose. For this inspiration i am blessed i thank you for my mind can be a dark place and will sometimes lock its doors. Its with true peace of mind i am able to gain entry to my heart and to myself for this i am thankful for my thoughts are my passion but another man's treasure" -Nate "We are the voices that are willing to speak but afraid to show. The army of many who are just hidden in the shadows to be born a hero but to die a savior just a feeling a gift of redemption. We do this to help you to show you that there is somethings bigger in this world to believe in not just voices that never do anything for you. We are here to hold your hands when the world is just so oblivious to your ideas your thoughts. All you have to do is believe let your voice be heard. No more pretending to smile, no more pains, just speak your mind, voice your opinions to the godforsaken world an be HEARD!" -Andy Heads of this Movement is Andy Nguyen -Asian Guy & Nate Turner - White Guy If you want to help email us. [ The Movement is in action are you will to help us? its up to you] (All money raise will be going to community centers, teen help lines an others) (

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