The Problem

As a part of Alabama agriculture, the 2007-2008 Alabama FFA Association State Officers, including myself, are making agriculture and the improvement of Alabama agriculture by educating others about the importance of agriculture and our economy. So often in our society land is sold for a quick dollar instead of using it for its intended purpose, farming. As urbanization is sweeping through our nation and farmland is taken over and turned into subdivisions. Once land has something built on it, it is almost impossible to farm on again. By educating the general public who may not be as knowledgeable about how agriculture influences our lives everyday will hopefully one day put an end to the depreciation of American agriculture. Our officer team has been to many conferences as well as local meetings of local farmers and agriculture enthusiasts to win the support of those who are working toward the same goals. At the National FFA Organization Convention, the six of us teamed up with the state officers from all other 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the members in attendance to discuss problems in the field of agriculture on a national level as well as on a local level. We have even pitched around ideas to help rectify some political problems, such as immigration policies.

Plan of Action

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