Save Darfur

The Problem

Me and my friends want to help save the people in Darfur. The reason we're doing this is because we believe that God wanted us to help others in need rather than kill them and if we didn't do anything to help them we would be killing them and we're not murderers! We plan on helping by holding a bake sale, carwash sponsered silences and anything else we can think of! Hopefully we will be able to raise £1000-obviously we need more ideas to reach our chosen target.....suggestions needed! These are the other ideas we've found:-Host a "carnival" complete with dunking booths, caramel apples, penny throwing, pie throwing and hot dogs.- -Bring and buy sale-Bouncy castle-Cake sale / stall  -Car wash -Cartwheel competition-Coin collecting -Egg & spoon race-Game shows based on TV quizzes-Guess who the baby is (from photos)-Juggling / juggle-a-thon -Kite flying-Leap frog-Limbo competition-Marathons (running, aerobics, line dancing, badminton, table tennis, dancing, stay awake, etc)-Obstacle course-Pin the tail on the donkey-Raffles-Record breaking -Scavenger hunts-Sponsored silence -Treasure hunt -Volley ball -Video competitions-Word search 

Plan of Action

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