Save Darfur

The Problem

The crisis in Darfur is an issue that cannot be neglected. Millions of people are being thrown out of their homes, starved, raped, and murdered. The Sudanese government is doing very little about it. In reality, they are providing money and assitance to the Janjaweed militia, the rebel army. The government is receiving money from wealthy nations through oil exports. China is a huge provider in this issue. U.S delegates have been pressuring China to cut ties with the Sudanese government, but China has ignored the demands. The SaveDarfur Coalition has been sending partitions to Congress to increase the pressure by threatening to look over the diligence the Chinese have put into the 2008 Elections and focus on their connection to the genocide. Simultaneously, the coalition has raised over $600,000 since 2006 with the help of over 20,000 schools. Help end the genocide by logging onto Together we can bring this misery to an end! Staten Island Technical High SchoolOur club cares about the inoocent people that are forced to live in fear in Darfur. The world has already faced a genocide during WWII known as the Holocaust, and our purpose is not to let it get to the point where millions are killed. Our school held a bake sale for the fund raiser and raised $175.00. We found it difficult to raise money because the usual bake sale routine was not as successful as we would have hoped it would be.That is why our school has come up with numerous other ways we plan to raise money and awareness next year. We can hold a walk, a fair, a movie night, a dance, a buffet, or even hand out pins.

Plan of Action

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