Save Darfur: End This Massive Genocide

The Problem

Last year at High Point High School. I began an effort to stop the genocide in Darfur. Our event was entitled the "Rock Your Conscience" Benefit Concert. I was inspired to start this after seeing the thousands of people affected by this genocide. I want to change this world for the better on step at a time. This Concert was featured in the Washington Post. We raised over $700 dollars through this concert. In total, after fundraising at the end of 2007 we raised over $3,000. I also worked diligently to sell products to raise money and awareness about this tragedy. I went on the school's Morning Announcement's to discuss genocide. As well as selling "Darfur Doughnuts" to raise money to send to the save Darfur Organization. I worked with state governments to lobby for initiatives to end the genocide in Darfur as well as evoking change in Maryland state law. I created hope in my school system that someday with the help of a small coalition of students could end this horrible genocide. I feel a connection with the people of Darfiur because I am Nigerian. I've visited Africa, and I know firsthand of the poverty that reigns in Africa I hope to one day visit the region of Darfur, to aid the refugees of genocide.

Plan of Action

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