Save Our Zoo!

The Problem

My name is Miranda and I am 9 years old and on a mission to save our local zoo from closing. I am hoping to get other kids locally and other parts of the country to get the word out and also possibly donate money to help save our local zoo. My hope is that if I can get kids involved maybe I can get adults involved as well and maybe businesses too and that way everyone can help and the zoo will stay open. Also I am talking to my school to get them involved and hoping the word will spread and the other schools in the area will help too. There are so many great animals and people at the zoo and without it where will we go to learn and explore the animals? So please help me, help the zoo! Thank you. *Just an update on my project I made the paper!!! Our local paper "The Pelican" came out to my house and interviewed me about my project and my mom for the values she and my dad have instilled in my sisters and I that it is better to give than to receive. And also don't just sit back and do nothing go for your goals and dreams. We have also passed out 700 flyers to my school. Which turned out to be a family project with the help of my parents and grandparents.

Plan of Action

Find a Campaign