save the Planet

The Problem

In this project I'm trying to solve the serious issues about environmental pollution. The trash and garbages that damaging out soil and poisoning the living species. It's so unfortunate that we don't pay attention and care aboutthis simple problem while paying a more attention on something useful. Nature gave us all the sources but what we did for that instead of destroying natural balance and trees. Now it's time to give something back for what we got during all these years.

Plan of Action

My action is to call people in trash pick up campaign and plant as trees and clean rivers and beach sides. Make slogan that let people know what damage can one plastic bag do to tje soil. Invite people use earth friendly bagsmade with paper or recycled materials. Don't trow trashes in the streets and nature. Clean the Picknick spots after each use. Use eco friendly materials instead of heavy materials.

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