Saving Brasils Children

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The Problem

I had the chance while i was down there visiting my best friend to meet a young girl about 15, 16 who got thrown in jail for stealing some bread. She has 8 little brothers and so she chooses to allow them to eat, and she fends for herself, and so when she met my friend & i at a local mall she brought her little brother with her. He was so sweet. But you could tell he had seen more than you or i could even imagine. So when my best friend asked him :" Are you hungry" and he nodded yes*timidly* his sister wanted to smack him for saying he was HUNGRY! so I bought him lunch and my best friend bought him a treat. Then while we were waiting for him to finish eating i asked him. "did you like that?" and he told me yes. So i asked him if he would like a toy for being such a good kid. You guys should have seen how his eyes lit up! So i took him to a toy store, he had so many options to choose from such as; cars, spiderman, batman, everything. He chose a sword from the pirates of Caribbean; because his dream was to be a pirate. The fact that after all this kid has been through in his life and he still has dreams amazed me. So later when my friend & i were walking back to her house i asked her, what can i do to help them? She said." You just made a little boy so happy and i will tell you something, You made his sister even happier then he is, because you made her brothers day." My friend is worried about this girl turning to drug running as a source of income. My friend is a teacher at an english school. If this girl got to get into the english school(which is way too expensive) then she wouldnt have to worry so much, and could possibly get a job somewhere. This girl wants to make something of her life...but fate took that away. Just being born into a family that couldnt support her. She didnt choose this life. I know there are many other children with this same problem or worse in Brasil.

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